Keeping your facility in top condition saves you money over the lifecycle of your investment. MCI has extensive experience in working with your facilities staff to ensure consistent and regularly scheduled maintenance extends the life of the place you work or play.

Often times, elements such as water, wind and even the sun over time can destroy the vital components that keep you warm and dry or cool and dry. Today, sophisticated mechanical and electrical systems demand that building owners pay attention to the performance not only of the system; but the shell it serves.

Like your vehicle, regular reviews of primary systems and shell performance can only mean you are receiving top performance from your investment. Regardless of size or use, MCI will work with you to implement a plan that will work for you and save you money over expensive infrastructure repairs or deferred maintenance repairs.

If you do find yourself in a predicament where critical infrastructure is failing, we have the expertise in building technology both in-house and through consulting services that when combined with our construction services; will correct the problematic conditions. MCI works in an expedited manner in many cases when called upon, to ensure that the health and safety of your workforce and your operations continue uninterrupted.