Construction Management

Sometimes projects require a different approach. Construction management draws on the expertise of our project managers and our connections to superb sub-trades and craftspeople in the early stages of your project planning. Value-add services such as permitting assistance can work in tandem with your architect and engineering team. Often referred to in the industry as ‘open book’, MCI will work with you to manage the details associated with individual scope of work tendering and act as your agent to arrive at the best possible result for the project. What’s more, we govern the quality, durability and performance of the sub trade work on your behalf.

Our fee is a percentage of overall construction cost and is negotiated with you up front so you know what your are paying us for services that ensure your interests are protected. Construction management truly cuts through the unknown by tendering each individual piece and giving you the control to choose your best bid along the way. Open book construction management is gaining in popularity for private projects in Canada.