From the drawing board to actuality, we understand that the importance of proper site and space planning in combination with an appealing building exterior will drive customers and clients to your enterprise. Spaces that work efficiently give you a competitive edge and benefit your workforce. Care and attention to planning, saves you time, energy and money allowing for sole responsibility to rest with MCI for your design, costing and building completion.

The Design-Build process is the most cost-effective and efficient mechanism available to purchasers of design and construction services today. It allows our clients to have a single source relationship utilizing the collaborative synergies between the client and MCI while uniting designers and trades to collectively control the project’s design costs and construction procedures from start to finish, large or small. Valuable time and money are saved by developing scope and design requirements while simultaneously obtaining competitive and accurate costs from trades for their project components.

As a client, you can be actively involved to your desired degree and trust that the design and construction processes will not become fragmented and subject to external pressures that could affect the outcome and cost. The Design-Build method of involvement controls the interest and work flow to maximize the connection between the drawing board and site. Your MCI construction professional will guide and advise you through the planning stages of your project.

Continuity in data and needs assessment is paramount to the overall project success. MCI will quickly and efficiently arrive at design proposals that work the first time and advance your project with measured results. Our experience and expertise will provide you with guaranteed maximum pricing early in the design stage removing the risk of cost over-runs common to other procurement methods. MCI’s consideration to costs begins at the conceptual design stage and continues right through to project completion. MCI will assist with innovative solutions and adaptations to meet your desired outcome. All cost savings achieved upon development of the final design and its related costs are shared with our clients.

The MCI Design-Build Advantage

  • Sole Source of Accountability and Responsibility – we are your only point of contact for all your design and construction services. We provide upfront costs and scheduling and should an issue arise our timely resolution will ensure your project is on track for completion and your budget is maintained.
  • Collaboration and Partnership – the foundation and the first step of every successful project begins with developing superior working relationships. Our design-build team will listen and understand your vision and facility needs so we can incorporate quality and design into every aspect of your project. We work with you to build exactly what you want while you retain control ensuring full transparency throughout the design-build process.
  • Knowledge and Adaptability – our people are our greatest asset. All of the team members that work with you, staff, consultants, and trades are individuals who are committed to continuous professional development, implementation of advanced construction design and techniques, collectively providing in-depth knowledge and expertise in every aspect of your project. Our team excels at innovatively adapting to the changing conditions within the construction marketplace.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness – there are many complexities involved in construction; the design-build method streamlines the entire process. Valuable time and costs are saved by concurrently developing design requirements and sourcing competitive accurate trade costs. Skilled site supervision and project quality control amalgamates the most cost-effective and time-efficient construction process available.